An Environment to Thrive – The Effect of Nigeria’s Underdevelopment on Entrepreneurs

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Recently, Women Life Magazine interviewed a young female shoe maker who disclosed that as an entrepreneur, her “major challenge is electricity… I would find shops that have generator so as to finish up and meet deadlines because for now, I can’t afford a generator”.

In 2018, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari made a submission while speaking in London that “Nigerian youths are lazy”. This statement trended for long and caused controversies both off and online. Nigeria is relatively a youth led population and also the country with the largest number of poor people as at 2018. From this, we can conclude that if all youths thrive; Nigeria and her poverty story will be different. The question now is what environment do the youths have to make the Nigeria of our dream come true? While the President remembered to say “Nigerian youths are lazy”, he forgot to mention that “Nigeria is not a place to thrive”.

A sane society

In a sane society, there are infrastructures and amenities available to help people and their business grow. There is stable internet and electricity supply for internet businesses. There are good roads and machineries for industries. The exact opposite of these are in Nigeria.

The effects

The immediate effects of underdevelopement on entrepreneurs and businesses owners are delayed services, business failures and frustration. On the long run however, people lose their entrepreneurial zeal, back out of businesses, engage in crime and then Nigeria and her poverty story continues.

An environment to thrive

Succeeding in Nigeria is obviously tough. The environment is not just conducive for success. Youths have big ideas and dreams but need an environment to thrive. We cannot however overlook some good social and welfare programmes provided by the Buhari led administration like Npower and private organisations like the Tony Elumelu Foundation. While these aids have been highly significant, the provision for better infrastructures and amenities can not be waived.

Sharing is Caring.