INTERVIEW: “The Major Challenge in my Business is Lack of Electricity” – Young Female Entrepreneur

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Nigeria’s backwardness has always been a complaint from many people. The case is not different for Barakat Ajala who reveals that as an uprising entrepreneur, lack of stable electricity is her biggest challenge her business. She shares with Women Life Magazine how she overcomes this problem.

The young entrepreneur is the CEO and Creative Director at Walkz By AB. Her footwear company produces comfy handmade shoes and sandals for customers globally. Barakat is open for business on Instagram at Walkz By Ab.


In this interview, Barakat Ajala (BA) shares with Women Life Magazine (WLM) more thoughts and experiences on business and entrepreneurship.

WLM- Do you take pride being called a “shoemaker”?

BA- Yes, I do. Very much…

WLM- Can you describe what people’s reactions are when you tell them you make shoes yourself?

BA-They are always surprised and they will be like ” I can’t believe a woman of your age is into a lucrative business like shoe making”.

WLM- How has your gender in anyway improved your business? In terms of production, customers, marketing…

BA- It has really helped me in my business most my customers have always been the males and they hardly give stress unlike females.

WLM- Are you saying women are harder to deal with as customers?

BA- Not really. You know when it comes to colour, taste and fashion, women are more inclined hence it makes it difficult to impress them unlike men.

WLM- What major challenge have you faced since you started and how have you (if you have) overcome it?

BA- The major challenge is electricity. In the world we find ourselves, customers will always want to give deadlines and being a growing entrepreneur that I am, I would find shops that have generator so as to finish up and meet deadlines because for now, I can’t afford a generator.

WLM- Where do you see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

BA- : I see Walkz By Ab making it really big in the shoe industry and apart from that there is an initiative that will be created through Walkz By Ab that will help humanity but it’s yet to be disclosed.

WLM- What advice do you have for women who have interest but are held back by fear in starting seemingly “odd” business?

BA- Follow your heart and always remember if it turns out bad, you would learn from it rather regretting never giving it a trial!

Barakat is open for business on Instagram @walkz_by_ab

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