INTERVIEW: “Women in academics are not given any special treatment”- Female academician

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Career women always try to balance life, work and family. This is not different and may even be tougher for academicians who not only lecture but have to fulfill research obligations. A young academician Nguhemen Chigh reveals this and the skills women need to succeed in the academic profession.

The academician is also a networker and entrepreneur. She lectures at Imo State University, Nigeria. She is keen about building the academic skill-set of young ones through her online coaching on research methodology and related topics.

Nguhemen Chigh

In this interview, Nguhemen Chigh (NG) shares with Women Life Magazine (WLM) more thoughts and experiences on the academic career.

WLM- How has lecturing affected your personal life (good and bad)?

NG- Lecturing has affected me positively. It has helped me to constantly improve my skills and content. It keeps me push and has helped me not to ‘settle’.

WLM- From your experience, are good lecturers born or made?

NG- They are made, like any other skills that is born out of practice. Of course some people possess innate talents that enable them start off well but I believe that all the skills needed for lecturing can be learnt and practiced till one gains mastery.

WLM- If you had a to choose another profession, what would it be?

NG- Any one that allows me to be creative and give me time and freedom.

WLM- What is the right motive to have before pursuing an academic career?

NG- Well, a quest to produce new knowledge, sufficient curiosity, and to pass it on to others.

WLM- Are women treated differently in the academic profession? What are the basic challenges that female lecturers face in Nigeria?

NG- The criteria for women academics remains the same. Women are not given any special treatment or conditions. A female academic would need to understand how to balance life, family and research obligations in such a way that all demands are satisfied.

WLM- Apart from teaching and research skills, are there some other skills women should have in other to succeed in an academic profession?

NG- Time and personal management skills are key. Also self-care (physical, emotional and spiritual) is of utmost importance for sustainable output.

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