INTERVIEW: ‘Thrift does not mean ugly’ – Fashion blogger

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Used, secondhand or thrift clothes are the majority of what average people wear even though they never admit it. Some fashionistas however have taken pride in this set of clothes and created brands around it. Zainab Arobieke is one of them who believes that thrift does not mean ugly.

Zainab is a lifestyle and modest fashion blogger. With her blog, she helps you make better wardrope and styling choices with a special love for thrift. Zainab offers personal shopping services and sells on instagram @curatedbyzayn.

In this interview, Zainab Arobieke (ZA) shares with Women Life Magazine (WLM) her thoughts, experiences and myths about blogging.

WLM- On a light mode now… People are very embarrassed to open up about wearing thrift clothes. What makes you super confident about it?

ZA- I wasn’t so confident about it at first to be honest. I can’t even believe there was a time I lied about where I got my clothes from… hahaha. I started getting confident about it when people started complimenting my outfit and I was like since they like it, why not tell them where I got it so they will realize thrift doesn’t mean ugly. The @siainstyle_ also helped too. She always states her clothes are thrifted. So why not me?

WLM- What advantages have you gotten from starting a blog? What has blogging done for you positively?

ZA- Blogging has brought me a lot of positive things fr!.. Like getting to work with brands, online jobs, amazing friends and it has also made me brush up my photography skills!

WLM- To be a successful blogger, one must have good writing skills, exotic cameras and best ideas. To what extent is this true?

ZA- This is not so true. When I started blogging, I didn’t know a thing about writing and I had one infinix phone but I started anyway. Although those things are good if you have them and if you don’t, create with what you have now.

WLM- What is the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

ZA- For me it’s being consistent and getting someone to take my pictures.

WLM- What major mistakes did you make that aspiring bloggers should not?

ZA- Not doing my research about getting self-hosted and all. And not being consistent.

WLM- What basic tips should aspiring bloggers have?

ZA- Research, use of canva for graphics, phone photography.

WLM- What personal thing has helped you through your blogging journey?

ZA- Self-motivation and motivations from friends and followers.

Zainab can be reached on:
Twitter – @zaynabaro
Instagram- Lagos Modest Fashion Blogger

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