INTERVIEW: “Time took my biggest fear away”- Student President

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As a young woman and aspiring president, her biggest fear came from “the audience”. She worried about if she would ever meet their interest or get the full the support she needed. Latifat Alabelewe shares with Women Life Magazine how she overcame this fear with time.

The student leader is a human right advocate and first female President of the Social Work Department, University of Ilorin.

Alabelewe Lateefah

In this interview, Latifat Alabelewe (LA) shares with Women Life Magazine (WLM) more thoughts and experiences about leadership.

WLM- On a light mode now… Do you sometimes give “bossy attitude” when engaging with male colleagues?

LA- Can a female be a strong leader without being labeled “bossy”? Definitely no! There is this mentality that the leadership post (president) is not meant for the females. I tend not to give bossy attitude though I only do and say what is necessary.

WLM- What advantage has being in a leadership position given you? What has the office of the President done for you positively?

LA- The leadership position has helped me to improve my listening and communication skills. Increased my emotional intelligence and ability to succeed under pressure. The office of the president has made me come across alot of people who have been of positive influence to me. I have also realized my strengths and weaknesses.

WLM- What inspired you to aspire for that position?

LA- I have always loved to be a leader and always wanted to work for people so as to fight for their interest and enhance development.

WLM- What was your biggest fear and how did you (if you did) overcome it?

LA- My biggest fear was if I would be able to meet the interest of my people and if I will be able to get their full support in any of my programs but I overcame it with time because my people are great!

WLM- What do you think makes a good leader one?

LA- A leader is not better as a result of presence but making sure that his or her impact lasted even in his or her absence.

WLM- What simple and practicable advice would you give to students who want to be like you?

LA- Be determined and also have your aims and objectives that you are working for or with.

WLM- What has kept you going?

LA- My determination!

Alabelewe Latifat can be reached on Twitter- @Oomotorera

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