15 Quick Ways To Get Over A Breakup

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Break up is most times the end point of a relationship. Recent studies reveal that couples are likely to break up after 2 years and 9 months in their relationship. Although it may be heartbreaking, breakup is sometimes inevitable and necessary for our own safety.

Whether you broke up or your partner did, here are 15 proven ways on how to get over a breakup as quickly as possible.

1. Believe and convince yourself that you were never meant to be with your ex.

2. Talk and cry to someone you trust and know would not judge you.

3. Delete call logs, messages and chats of your ex. You may decide to keep their number.

4. Change the contact name of your ex from pet name to their real name (First and Surname).

5. Cut off from your ex. Being friends with him or her cannot work.

6. Gradually cut off from your ex’s family. No need to hate.

7. If they were not personally beneficial, stop habits you and your ex started together.

8. Hang around and chat with people who make you happy and have no connection with your ex.

9. Occupy your time with something new- new project, skill or habit.

10. Do something (good or neutral) that your ex would never approve of.

11. Go back to doing (good or neutral) things you stopped because of the relationship.

12. Engage in energy demanding activities such as work outs, dancing, singing and cooking.

13. Inform those around you who bring up conversations about your ex so they can stop.

14. Don’t make the mistake of uploading about your break up on your social media. You don’t want to explain the situation to too many people.

15. When your mind goes back to the relationship, remind yourself on the reasons for the breakup.

Whether break up is done maturely and politely, it may still be tough to get over it. The whole recovery process from a break up is gradual but can however be hastened with one or more of these ways.

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Sharing is Caring.