7 body shaming actions you do but never know

Sharing is Caring.

Body shaming hurts.

It may seem like a joke, an advice or even a compliment but then, it’s affecting someone’s self-concept and causing serious harm.

Here are 7 body shaming actions we sometimes do without realising:

1. Complimentary Expressions

Reverse may be the case when we try to compliment someone. “You look slimmer and beautiful in that dress” seems like a compliment to a fat person but then the person is implying that ‘slim’ equals ‘beautiful’ and being ‘fat’ is bad. This is without doubt a subtle way of body shaming.

2. Non-verbal Expressions

We may not alter a word but still hurt someone. Our body language and facial expressions can be body shaming to others. Staring in an awful way to a slim person who is exercising, passes a negative message to that person as though the person is wasting their time and has no weight to loose. This too is body shaming.

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3. Deliberate Actions

When we do not think before we act, we may end up body shaming someone. Avoiding being in a team or working with a particular kind of person because of their body shape, type or size is body shaming. Also, exploiting someone because of their body shape or size is body shaming.

4. Unsolicited advice

If someone does not ask for an advice, do not give one. When you tell a fat person to cut down on eating or a slim person to eat more without their request for such advice, then you are body shaming. Do not try to imply that being beautiful is attached to a particular body size because you are wrong.

5. Comparisons

Comparing the body shape and type between siblings or friends as though one is better than the other is body shaming. No body shape is better or more beautiful than another.

6. Comments from Partner and Family

Family members give negative and irrelevant comments among themselves about their body size as though it is rightful and natural to do so. Emotional abuse in a relationship begins from negative and unnecessary comments about partner’s body shape or size. These events are no doubt body shaming.

7. Supposed Jokes

Jokes about how much energy one needs to lift a fat person or how effortless it is to lift a slim person are body shaming. Any joke about someone’s body shape or size is needless, body shaming and obviously boring.

What now…

Body shaming can be unintentional but still damaging. We therefore need to be sensitive to people’s feelings. Nobody has the right to make anyone feel less important or worthless because of their body.

People are different and so are bodies. Nothing should underrate how beautiful you are.

Sharing is Caring.