INTERVIEW: “Fake it and they will know”- YouTuber

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Vlogging on youtube comes with a lot of package. A youtuber naturally steps up their communication skill, appearance and sometimes even their entire lifestyle in other to attract subscribers. Whether or not this is good depends on the extent to which it is done. As a vlogger, Aishat Abdullahi says “fake it and they will know”.

The vlogger owns a YouTube channel, Nahnahvlogs, where she shares ideas and experiences on topics varing from travel, relationship and lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur, speaker and writer.

Aishat Abdullahi

In this interview, Aishat Abdullahi (AA) shares with Women Life Magazine (WLM) her experience, challenges and advice about vlogging.

WLM- On a light mode now… There is so much competition on YouTube. Do you get freaked out or anxious sometimes when you see those “perfect” videos?

AA- Haha… getting freaked out would happen once in a while, especially when I see some Youtubers who just started and then they are up with 500-1000 subscribers within a space of a month. I feel bad to be sincere and these period for me comes once in a while.

Thankfully, I have been able to conquer that feeling especially when I stopped comparing myself with others and just doing what I enjoy most. Isn’t that why I started it in the first place? To create a platform or my passion. So what I do now is that I learn from every video I watch and try to improve and still praising myself for how better I have become.

WLM- What advantages have you gotten from starting a YouTube channel? What has vlogging done for you positively?

AA- Funny enough that wasn’t even what I started with. I wanted to make video contents and put it out there – Facebook and Instagram were my target and as I continued, a friend suggested YouTube and how it was a bigger platform for Vloggers and that was when the journey began.

What I like most is when I am called “Nahnah Vlogger Vlogger“. People seeing me as someone they could talk to, share ideas with and ask to mentor them. These have really been inspiring because I feel I am achieving the purpose why I started. I love engaging and being with people. My YouTube gave me that on a platter of gold.

The popularity, the respect and I just wonder “what is it that people are hyping?” It has given me opportunities to speak at invites, my channel made me shortlisted amongst the 60 most reputable students in my faculty. That’s a big achievement for me.

Vlogging has improved me, made me learn vastly on different things and most importantly improve in what I know how to do best – speak!

WLM- To be a successful vlogger, one must have good speaking skills, exotic cameras and best ideas. To what extent is this true?

AA- To be a successful vlogger, one must have the passion! I will say Vlogging now or being a Youtuber is more of like being an entrepreneur. The passion and interest comes first but you will need to invest in it also.

You do not need a camera. A phone will do and a camera will be a plus. I started with my infinixHot5. I did not like the quality but I started anyways and I could get up to 200 subscribers. That’s something instead of me waiting till I could afford a camera.

So once you have the skill and passion, start!Do not wait till tomorrow, no one promised you tomorrow. But good digital camera, tripods speaker, mic, ring light etc are all a plus. For one and one thing that attracts people to a channel most times is the camera quality. Start with what you have and then start investing in it.

WLM- So it is safe to say that you are an entrepreneur?

AA- Very safe!

WLM- What is the biggest challenge you have had since you started vlogging?

AA- My biggest challenge is finance.
I had great contents and still do but my camera quality was bad. It did not encourage people to view. Yeah content is key but when the video quality is poor they (audience) would not view.

Network also! Nigeria network is bad and I cannot stress it enough. Lastly is motivation to be creative when I am not in my right mind. It is very hard to produce a nice content and each day different challenges hit us, but we still struggle.

WLM- What major mistakes did you make that aspiring vloggers should not?

AA- One major mistake is not knowing what really I was going into. I just thought it was a place I could dump my videos and wake up to thousands of views. YouTube business is real business. Learn how it goes. The SEO analytics, what your niche will be like and more.

When you start please do not stop. Do not take breaks as long as 1-3 months. You would loose your fan base and there is just a negative effect it brings. It is okay to take a break but do not keep your subscribes hanging or else …

Learn how to edit, collaborate, send mails to those you look up to. Do not be scared or shy to mix when needed. It really helps than being a one man thing and if you can get a mentor please get one.

WLM- You have been vlogging for many years. What made you consistent and how did you manage doing it with other things like school work?

AA- I started my YouTube career late 2018. It was during a long holiday break. Resuming back to school, I could not put up with it. I was not stable coupled with the fact that I had other engagements at school. My hostel was terrible at network and then data palava. I was so stressed at school that thinking of contents was very difficult.

In my finals I had to make some decisions like changing my location, prioritizing my YouTube career and that helped me. I really knew I loved doing it and had to restrategize. I am very stubborn so I guess that’s one thing that keeps pushing me and God!

Whenever I am frustrated, I pray. There is always a solution. YouTube has made me cried a lot of times, gave me sleepless night but a lot of people do not see all of the behind the scene so it is very easy to be judged.

To have a good career whatsoever, consistency is very important!
You want it really bad, be consistent, your schedule is tight; make a priority list. It will help.

WLM- What basic tips should aspiring vloggers have?

AA- Be able to face the camera (boldness). Fluency also. Be a good story teller because how you will tell your story matters a lot. Video editing skills, engaging skills, being dramatic and lively. These are the basic ones I feel one must have.

Most importantly being real. Fake it and they will know. People who watch a video and come back to that channel or in business who patronize repeatedly are not doing it because you are the best but because of you. Either they like your personality or how you do one thing. For sure is that they are back because of you. So keep it real.

WLM- What personal thing has helped you through your vlogging journey?

My personal thing is my drive and passion. My believe and optimism too. I have positive and supportive friends. Like I said earlier, I am stubborn so giving up is hard. I was a hard critic on myself. I always want things perfect and even if I know “okay I did this”, I always still believe I can do more and better. But it is okay I would not be too hard on myself today.

God has been faithful most importantly.

Aisha can be reached on Twitter- @NahnahVlogs

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