Vox Pop- What is the most polite way to break up with someone you once loved?

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Relationships can be exciting when there is mutual love and other necessary things like communication. However, when things go wrong, and partners want to separate, breaking up can be really tough. Whatever the method you choose to breakup, being polite is important.

Here are some direct responses and suggestions on “the most polite way to break up with someone you once loved”.


“Thanks for the time together, I am done here”.

“Thank you for everything, but I am tired. Close the door behind you please”.

“Hi, Bye”.

“I want to focus on myself. I need to be alone to do that”.

“We’ve had moments; up and downs, highs and lows, I really loved you, you made me happy and couldn’t feel more complete. But like fire quenches someday, I guess, we should go our separate ways gradually so as not to break each other. I can’t bare leaving you right out, because I know what it will do to my heart and yours too. So let’s gradually stop seeing”.

Whatever you do, don’t make a speech.

Most importantly, lay down your reasons.

Tell the person you want to see her or him. Talk politely and appreciate the person and tell the person you don’t think you can continue with the relationship.. You can give reasons if there are.

Tell the truth. The exact reason why you want to break up. No lies… But remember, speak the truth in love.

Tell them a story/tale on how “life” gives people different cards from time to time, which makes their wants, beliefs, desires to change which will definitely change how their heart beats, direction it beats towards, the rate at which it beats and overall whom or what it beats for.


DISCLAIMER- These are just suggestions and NO opinion given here is recommended for you and your relationship. Usage of any of these suggestion is at your own risk.

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Sharing is Caring.