The Aftermath of Coronavirus is a Question of Fulfillment

Sharing is Caring.

By Ayobami Ogundiran

Fulfillment in many opinions has its different meanings but if the world could be what it is today and we all can agree to one simple truth of having the chance to see another day and yet another day which is solely dependent on the ones around us, then fulfillment should be a common focus.

Let us at least for a moment see beyond the strata of life. You could be rich or poor, you could be a medical doctor or another, a ill-patient. None of it matters at the face of this unprecedented COVID-19 trouble because we all must wash our hands and take preventive measures if we wouldn’t have to end the same across the world.

Honestly, I have searched, read through journals, article and observed for many years and such findings agree to the fact that every man has come to fulfill a single assignment. What the assignment is, has only demanded great energy to comprehend because of the widespread of greed common to humanity.

It is great that the article has finally come with such heavy truth about fulfillment and I must tell the world that fulfillment is a state when you really have come to the understanding that even if the world takes its place and you know it is time-up, your impact to the world, your selflessness, courage, bravery among the ones who came in contact with you becomes a legendary history.

It doesn’t matter your position in life, whoever you are–find a place in your life that impacting the life of the ones around you is all they have to say made their world a better place.

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Sharing is Caring.