Why more girls around you may experience ‘cutting’

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The inhumane treatment of hurting girl’s and women’s genital organs may increase.

The coronavirus pandemic may increase the number of ‘cutting’ also know as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), according to a UNFPA new research.

The report shows that a total of 2 million FGM cases could occur in the next 10 years which could have been avoided without a pandemic.

FGM involves partially or totally removing, or harming the female genital organ. It is practiced mostly in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Despite no health or social benefit, experts estimate that 200 million women have experienced FGM globally.

Coronavirus effects is beyond economy and not going to school. Millions of women and girls are going to experience worse treatments than what they have experienced before. One is #FGM. Click To Tweet

Although the practice is internationally banned, many communities still practice it. FGM is a violation against girl’s and women’s rights to body ownership, freedom of choice, freedom from torture or degrading treatment and right to life as it sometimes leads to death.

In addition to death, FGM has very severe, sometimes lifetime health complications. Girls who have experienced FGM are at the risk of infections, sexual abnormalities, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other physical and mental health problems. FGM can also cost girls their education and put them at the risk of early marriage.

These effects have drawn efforts to address FGM locally and globally. Some of these efforts are increasing researches and working with communities to prevent the practice. However, the coronavirus may cause one-third reduction in tackling FGM, the UNFPA findings suggest.

Movement restrictions and social distancing due to the pandemic would hinder programmes and campaigns designed to address and prevent FGM.

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