How women can manage their work and family life

Sharing is Caring.

It has been said that women wear lots of hats, which includes the Mom’s hat, Wife’s Hat, the employee hat, sister hat, friend hat and which subconsciously to the society, all should fit well.

These roles that women have to play have punched a lot of pressure on their personal lives and personality. Women have shouldered so many responsibilities that visibly seem they cannot live out their career dreams. For instance, running a job can be an obstacle to having a fulfilled relationship or an admirable family.

Back in school sometimes ago, one of my female lecturers told the class of how she was unable to pursue her dream profession because her husband felt the career would not allow her to take care of the family as she ought. From that day on, my thoughts had been on if there is a way out for women, especially this generation where women are encouraged to utmostly live out their dreams.

With different sectors and industries across the world, the girl child has been told to choose freely but the issue is, can she enjoy this liberty in marriage? Can she pursue her dream without the feeling of guilt? Jobs in the technology sector, print and broadcast media, health services amongst others are known to be time demanding and physically exhausting which requires activeness and diligence whilst men are not exempted from the work stress and have been accepted as the ‘busy one’, and the society accepts that they keep their jobs regardless of his family duties and schedules.

Sadly, the narrative is different for the female folk who are quickly advised to start a grocery store, sell fabrics or pick other seemingly flexible work to keep the marriage. After all, she is the woman!

The familiar phrase “Life no Balance” is an attestation to the imbalance and disparity in career choice for women. It is easy to chant equality but in my opinion, experiences push the woman to reality.

The African system sees the woman as the oil on which her family runs, implying that she owns the home, manages its affairs while managing herself.

While some women willingly decide to stay unmarried, some others move on with getting married and pursuing their dream career. Although it may be impossible to balance both work and family life, It is possible to manage both.

Nevertheless, in no particular order, here are some things women can do to manage their work and family life.

Strategic career: It is fair to think long term with a certain profession or field. Ask yourself sincerely if you can stay on the job for the long term and juggle it with future responsibilities.

Like-minded partner: It is necessary to understand certain things and discuss its peculiarities and differences with prospective partners before marriage.

Challenge yourself: No need sugarcoating it. Nothing comes easy. You need to be ready to stretch your capacity and learn to adapt easily. Though it won’t come easy, you must try. Take risks especially with some career opportunities. Remember you still need to build your career.

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Do what you love: A vital truth. What you love to do is important as it is your driving force for the success you crave for. Even when it seems so overwhelming, your desire to continue your job and care for your home will always bring possibilities.

Get a planner: Women are so dynamic and active, yet, plans are left in the brain and can be drained in the next minute. So, get a planner. Update things you need to do every day and also find a medium of reminding yourself.

Communicate: Be open to converse with your family. Let them know your plans and events, check them up often. At work, convince your boss that you will work hard to achieve a balance.

Plan housework: Devise a means to divide housework You can hire someone to help with house chores weekly or daily as it suits your family’s purse or housekeeping allowance.

Sharing is Caring.