Vox Pop: Do you like long-distance relationships

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A long-distance relationship is an intimate relationship or bond between two people who are geographically apart or do not live in the same environment.

This type of relationship is believed to require a lot of work and intentionality because the couples do not see each other often, rather they spend virtually – on phones and video calls.

With the speed of evolution and civilisation, the world has grown interconnected, With the internet, it is easier than ever to build relationships – romantic – online, and meet people across diverse countries and cities.

Here are some views and perception about the feasibility of long-distance relationships.


Basically, I am indifferent about it. Having experienced one myself, I will say it is a little bit exhausting. Long-distance relationship is for people who can trust each other and can be highly committed to it.


Long-distance relationship is good to test the strength of a relationship

But if someone is going to start a relationship, they should not start on a long-distance, because sometimes the strength of emotions is in physical touch or seeing

I will say yes

It forces the parties to just trust each other which will be good when they are married.


Long-distancee relationship?

I use to like it. I’m not sure I dislike or like it now. Maybe because of my personal experience.

Well, it has its pros and cons.

It depends on the individual; some people are physical lovers, they tend to be more attracted to their partners they see them more while some it’s just there.

Knowing oneself goes a long way!



There is a tendency that long-distance relationship will not last, except few by God’s grace. I can’t live apart from my partner/ family because it gives a place for ‘nonsense’.

Especially for fornication and adultery. It gives way for distractions. If there’s no option than to be apart, then there should provision for frequent trips and visit; 2weeks max!

I like long-distance Relationship.
Dey your Dey make I Dey my dey – it helps us to exercise our freedom.

Yes, that’s my best though.

I don’t like to date someone I get to see every time or so easily.

The reason is: it makes us miss each other and by the time we get to see we spend the time well together and also it helps to have time to do other things with our personal lives.

Firstly, I’d say No.

Long-distance relationship bridges closeness in the relationship and can cause it to crash. And yes because, it allows concentration on personal life, help the partners to cultivate discipline and values that can help their relationship grow.


Sharing is Caring.